Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lifelike Artificial Greenery Can Reinvent Your Outdoor Space

Turn your patio, deck, sun porch and outdoor living space into a garden paradise with artificial outdoor plants that are resistant to weather and fading from the sun, says Mike Voyles of Home Infatuation (http://www.homeinfatuation.com/).
Lifelike artificial greenery -- such as realistic boxwood, cedar, grasses and flowering azaleas -- adds a rich accent to an outdoor space and needs no maintenance, updating or care. “Natural looking faux botanicals are ideal for sprucing up your home, offering natural texture that works great alone or as complementary d├ęcor with a furnished outdoor room,” says Voyles. “Homeowners can get creative and make their outdoor garden or patio look a vacation destination.”
Realistic-looking greenery is ideal for busy families who don’t have time for the upkeep that real plants require. “They are hugely popular with people who own second homes or vacation properties because they don’t have to hire someone to water the plants,” adds Voyles. “ Owners of town homes and apartments in urban areas with a narrow balcony or a tiny patio can create a unique lush environment with the right-sized potted plants. And they offer a solution to homeowners with insect challenges in live plants and topiaries.”
The infinite selection, from boxwood bushes, cedar branches to artificial asparagus and blooming azalea vines provides a creative and affordable way to transform a space where live plants won’t grow. “From trees to topiaries, introducing elements of nature makes a space look larger,” he adds. Voyles offers tips make a porch or backyard come alive with artificial plants:
•“Plant” directly into flower beds to create a natural looking garden room around a deck, patio or pool.
•Add decorative mulch around the base of your artificial outdoor greenery to give them a natural look.
•Create a portable privacy fence or room divider around your pool or on a balcony with a row of columnar artificial plants in pots. Create a rich look with an artificial outdoor hedge, which is excellent for providing privacy around pools and patios and on balconies. Set them end to end to form a continuous hedge.
•For people with a limited outdoor area such as an apartment, use potted greenery so you can move them around your patio or balcony or create a new decor as your needs change. Outdoor “green screens” and wall tiles are an ideal way for creating maintenance-free plantings on walls, fences, trellises and balcony railings. To add a pop of color, select tiles that have blossoms.
•Spiff up your image by coordinating with outdoor pillows and cushions.
•Strategically partner your greenery with outdoor art garden statues which will add a peaceful Zen-like feeling to your garden or patio. You can create individual ‘’garden rooms’’ with each one having a dramatic focal point.
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